Bolt size and pitch for a '75 bus steering stabilizer?

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Bolt size and pitch for a '75 bus steering stabilizer?

Post by ASBug on Thu Jan 05, 2012 8:29 am

Hey, I have one of those nifty bus towbars that requires me to remove the steering stabilizer.
I pulled the outter bolt (wheel side) when I towed Kermit a few months back.
Now that he is mobile, I need the steering stabilizer back on and the bolt is lost...
Does any one have a bolt handy that can tell me the size and lenght so I can get a replacement.
I tried several of the metric bolts from my staxsh and they were wrong threads, or diameter.
It has been way cold and I am not wanting to lay on the asphalt and try taps out untill I get the right one....
Thanks for any help,
Dub God

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