Update and Questions on dual carb conversion.

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Update and Questions on dual carb conversion.

Post by 71_georgia_beetle on Fri Apr 24, 2009 11:30 pm

The funds became available and I have completed the conversion. I had a stock 1800, single Weber Progressive carburetor and an 009 distributor. I have converted to dual Kadron 40/44 EIS carburetors, EMPI short TIV intakes, CSP TIV bell housing linkage and a 205P SVDA distributor. All went well except for the manifolds, the bottom two nuts are damn near impossible to get on. Pushing, pulling, wedging the tin down with a 2x4 and fabricating a tool, I finally had them on. The next challenge was the CSP bell housing linkage. To use this particular linkage, the carbs must be mounted 180 degrees of normal, throttle plate facing the front of the bus.

But damn what a result. No more bow or dip during acceleration due to the 205P SVDA, power out the wazoo, no more marginal heat issues and a new throaty sound. The pedal works like butter thanks to the massive ball bearing in the CSP linkage and the engine bay looks awesome to boot.

Over all I am very impressed. It really is like a whole new bus.

The only question I have is, the Bently manual say for the 73-73 TIV, dual carb setup that it should be timed out at 10 degrees ATDC, not static 10 degrees BTDC like the idiot book. I set it at 28-32 full advance which is about 8-10 BTDC at idle. At (Bentley) 10 degrees ATDC it backfires through the carbs and blows fire. Any thoughts on this? 28-32 full advance ok?

Also, I now have a curious shake to the engine. With a 2nd by a friend I began trying to balance the two again. I have fine tuned them as close as I can get them but the engine has this little shake still. Still out of sync or something inherent of dual carbs?

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Re: Update and Questions on dual carb conversion.

Post by DiggerD on Sat Apr 25, 2009 12:56 pm

I don't get any engine shake with mine. I would run them a while and see what happens, mine seem to get better the more I drive. I was going to bump up the idle before BAP since it seemed like it was getting close to stalling after I replaced the bottom plate on my right carb with a vented one, but after driving up it seemed to have worked itself out.
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