Early Smoothies 4 Wheels in Primer $175 OBO

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Early Smoothies 4 Wheels in Primer $175 OBO

Post by Heinz57 on Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:16 am

Not using these so they need to go. Media blasted and sprayed with etching primer. Have not found a date code on them but when I was blasting them, all of the rim were originally black and the disc area was parchment colored which makes them 1960 and back. They have minor pitting on the wheel lip but the over all very straight and clean. The 4th wheel is the worst of the 4. It has pitting on the outer rim but very little on the wheel disc. Hi build primer would smooth all of them out nicely. Two wheels will need the hub cap clips replaced and two are fine.

Price $175 or OBO

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